Wanvisa Klawklean is an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand, who is devoted to presenting an accurate and aesthetic interpretation of her culture through paintings and drawings. A native of Phuket, Thailand, she often travels outside of Bangkok to teach the fundamentals of painting and drawing to poor children in outlying provinces and villages of Southeast Asia.

Ms. Klawklean has participated in various auctions that have benifitted the Princess Mother’s Medical Volunteer Foundation, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and after submitting her original artwork to a special selection commitee, she was granted permission to assist the Thai Red Cross Society in their annual efforts to raise funds for the needy, through the sale of paintings by local artists. The Wanvisa Klawklean Collection was also showcased at Art exhibition group 20 times.
Ms. Klawklean states,”I don’t concern myself too much with the structured principles of art, I just paint freely. There are some who design their works by following set theories and rules, but I create my paintings based solely on what I’m feeling inside. My art is who I am.”


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